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The Other Half of the Cross




When Jesus died, He died on the same cross, on the same day, at the same time, with the same blood being shed, it was to forgive all our sins and to get us saved. But it was to heal all our diseases and sicknesses as well. God sees getting saved and getting healed as equally important. Unfortunately many people think it’s always God’s will to save people, but not always He’s will to heal people. That’s why people give up on God healing them because they accept it’s not He’s will to heal them. I need to prove to people in this book that it’s not true. God wants to heal everybody, just like He wants to save everybody. As Christians we have no right to treat getting saved as being more important than getting healed. Both getting saved and getting healed is equally important in God’s redemption plan.

Mustard Seed Faith


The King Saul Spirit


When Jesus was on earth, many people got healed. He addressed many of the healed by saying to them; “Your faith has healed you.” If Jesus was on earth today would He be saying those same words to us? I believe that believers are not functioning in the kind of faith that would make Jesus say those words. I’m afraid that our faith is being crossbred, it’s actually being hybridized with contaminated seeds coming from the enemy. I’ve called it hybridized faith, and it’s not working. This book will explain why only mustard seed faith works. It’s the kind of faith that Jesus said we should have, and the kind of faith that produces miracles. Believers need to know how to function in the power of the mustard seed faith. I believe that’s when we’ll  be able to hear Jesus’ words again; “Your faith has healed you.”

the king saul spirit

This book is a must read. Every Christian should read this book. It explains why the church is having so many problems. It also explains why the churches are splitting up. It will also challenge you, so that you will search your own heart and make sure that you are not part of the destruction that is going on in our churches. This book can and will help many people to understand how the enemy is destroying the church. You will also find out how to counterattack this force and get it out of our churches and out of our lives. God told me to write this book and in obedience I did. I believe it will bless you, so get it and read it.


Have You Put On Your Armor Today

Have you put on your Armor today?

If the church can learn how to put on the whole Armor of God it would become victorious. God has given us His Armor to put on, and protect ourselves against the schemes and wiles of the enemy. In this book you will learn how to put on the whole Armor of God in a practical way in your everyday walk in life.  You will learn why you have to put it on and how it can save and protect you, your family, and your church from the attacks of the enemy.



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