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witness what the lord is doing

"The Lord is doing mighty miracles through you, brother Hansie"

- Thomas McKinney


Miamisburg, OH | Miamisburg Assembly of God

"Seven years ago, I started having heart problems. I've suffered four heart attacks and have had five/six stents put into my heart. This past summer, when I went to the hospital with heart problems again, the doctor told me that I should think about going on disability and not working. He scheduled me to have some tests run the following week..."


Hohewald, TN | Blondy Church

"Hello brother Hansie. I just wanted to let you know how blessed my family and I were by your visit to Blondy Church of God this past weekend. My wife of twenty years had been praying earnestly that morning and asked God to touch her hand..."


Springfield, OH

"Brother Hansie, I'll try to keep this short. I quit smoking about a year and a half ago. When I went to my DR in the spring for my biannual check up we found I had high blood pressure. (153/98) My DR told me she would wait and see until my August check up..."


Columbus, OH

"In 2001, June, I was said to have had a mini stroke by Dr. Steinman. I was at work when I collapsed, taken to prevention maintenance, BP was 182 over 105. Right side of my body affected. Later on again, I had another mini stroke. Over the past few years I have had several very bad cases of Bronchitis..."

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